Iowa Guy Threatened To Blow-up McDonald’s With Bomb When They Forget About His Dipping Sauce For McNuggets

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Iowa Man Threatened To Inflatable McDonald’s With Bomb After They Forget Their Dipping Sauce For McNuggets

An Iowa guy was actually arrested after he allegedly phoned in a bomb threat to a local McDonald’s because there was actually no dipping sauce added to their McNuggets. Robert Golwitzer Jr. called the cafe in Ankeny at 5:20 p.m. on Saturday, June 26 and informed the staff member that replied the telephone that he would inflate the location and punch a member of staff, in accordance with a

Ankeny Police Sgt. Corey Schneden’s
to WHO-TV.

  1. McDonald’s straight away called the authorities.

    As the probability that Golwitzer would continue with his risks was tiny, staff just weren’t taking any chances and right away contacted Ankeny Police. Officials next made use of the phone number Golwitzer known as bistro with to get hold of him, in accordance with the violent grievance.

  2. Gulwitzer admitted making the risks right away.

    Just did he inform police over the telephone that he’d generated the decision in addition to risks but he once again verified it was him as he made an announcement during an authorities interview at Ankeny Police station. He supplied no reason or apology, nor was actually there a description for their extreme response.

  3. He was recharged and introduced the following day.

    Polk County Jail files
    that Golwitzer was charged with untrue report of an explosive or incendiary unit, that’s regarded as a hate crime. He uploaded connection and premiered the following day.

  4. Is actually passing up on dipping sauce any reason for a criminal record?

    I assume in Golwitzer’s guide, the answer is indeed.

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